Jump Back into Youth with Y- Span!

Have you ever wondered about how some people manage to look so young, even in their old age? Me too! Turns out, it’s all in the genes. As we get older our genes deteriorate and stop producing useful substances like collagen! If you follow health trends I’m sure you know that collagen has been in the spotlight because it is the most important protein in maintaining a youthful appearance, in fact it is the MOST ABUNDANT protein in your body! By providing skin with structure and strengthening your bones, Collagen makes skin firm and elastic, helps build healthy cells, keeps joints flexible, heals wounds and gives strength to hair and nails. Long story short, it is really important to keeping your body healthy and young!

As we get older, our bodies create less and less collagen, however, the collagen breakdown in our bodies remain the same. In fact, each year after 20 we lose about 1% of our collagen, which explains why by age 30, many of us suffer from wrinkles, sagging, thinning skin and dull complexions.

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So how do you get back into the collagen making game?

We have an amazing anti-aging supplement that promotes the youthful expression of key groups of genes that control aging defenses and also delivers enhances nutritional benefits! 

Here are some of the benefits that ageLOC Y-Span can provide for you!

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  1. Y-span reinforces the body’s protection and repairs mechanisms at the cellular level
  2. it supports DNA protection and repair.
  3. promotes youthful cognition and memory
  4. supports normal blood glucose control and healthy bloody pressure regulation
  5. Promotes healthy immune function and response.



That’s only a brief summary of what Y-span has to offer! It changes and helps your genes become stronger and younger to help you reverse the aging process to help you live the life that you want!

We would also like to add that whilst it is important to supplement your body to optimize its functions, it is still always important to discern how your everyday actions could be affecting your collagen production:

First of all, things to avoid:

  • Smoking – it creates enzymes that destroy collagen
  • Excessive Sunlight – free radicals are created from UV radiation which also creates collagen destroying enzymes
  • Chronic stress – everyone knows stress is bad for you, but this is mainly because the stress hormone produced wrecks havoc on collagen production, not to mention reduces the functionality of your immune system.

It is also important to change your daily habits:

  • Exercise regularly – Exercise stimulates the production of human growth hormone which in turn stimulates collagen production in the muscles and tendons.
  • Get beauty sleep – more sleep gives the body more time to produce more collagen which will help repair damaged or stressed tissues.

That’s all for now Peonies!

Have a lovely rest of the week. Stay Beautiful~!