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When I was growing up, I used to get really bad menstrual cramps.. Every single month from when I was 14-16, there would be that ONE DAY where Ms Flo would come knocking (more like banging!) on my uterine door. The pain was so immense that I would not even be able to stand. So I either had to get sent home from school, or miss school. Why am I telling you this very personal story of mine? Well, I’ll get to that in a moment.download

Did you know that really bad (debilitating) menstrual cramps are because of an imbalance in your hormones? No? Neither did I when I was 14… and neither did my mother. So she couldn’t help figure it out either! I only found out much later from a doctor that it was because the progesterone and estrogen in your body is too imbalanced and too high for your body to handle and therefore gets translated into awful stabbing(understatement) pains. ANYWAY. I am not a doctor, please do not quote me of any of this. This is just my personal story.

Now, back to my story… My mum came back one day with this bottle of delicious red-orange juice called G3 and I had no idea what it was, but she said it was good for me so I just drank it because I am a good Asian child who does what she is told… I take this juice as instructed, twice a day everyday for the next month, and when my period rolls around the next month, (at this point I am fully prepared with lots of Ibuprofen fully expecting my period to be awful)… NOTHING HAPPENS. I only got a twinge here and there throughout the day (the first day was always the worst), and the was it! I didn’t change anything in my routine or diet except for taking G3, and my cramps were GONE. It was a miracle! It has been 10 years now, and I still take G3 every day, and I have never had Killer Cramps ever again. (Hallelujah!)

Little did I know, this juice is isn’t just any regular juice that you can get at the grocery store, it is a blend of superfruits that come from all over the world, and has undergone a ton of research and development to get the right concoction of ingredients to make it a power-packed juice that increases your skin carotenoid score on our bio-photonic scanner.

This juice is made primarily from the superfruit known as Gac. Natives of southern Asia have long prized the gac fruit believing it has the ability to promote longevity and vitality.

Savoring this “fruit from heaven,” indigenous people have long believed this ceremonial fruit promotes health and wellness.

After much research, this Gac fruit has been found to contain an unusually high amount of lipocarotenes. Lipocarotenes are a kind of caretenoid that helps to attract and bind important antioxidants and nutrients to facilitate absorption into your body.

Gac fruit



Did you know that the Gac fruit consists of more lycopene than you can find in a tomato? It makes getting your antioxdiants from your fruist and vegetables much easier because you can get most of them from this juice alone!



Scientists have found 3 more superfruits that are included in G3 today.

  1. Chinese Lycium
  2. Siberian Pineapple
  3. Cili Fruit

They are all full of Beta-carotene (vit A), Vitamin C, Vitamin B, VItamin E, Fatty acids, Carotenoids and Flavonoids.

I am not going to bore you with the science behind it but I do want to tell you about some of the health benefits of G3. There are 63 reasons why G3 is the drink that you want to drink! But I don’t think we have enough space for everything here, so I will just summarize it for you. G3 helps with:

  1. Anti-Aging – promotes healthy aging
  2. Cardiovascular Health – lowers high blood pressure
  3. Skin Health – protects skin against radiation damage
  4. Eye Health – prevents night blindness and treats dry eyes
  5. Immune System – Alleviates allergies and strengthens immune system
  6. Digestive Health – encourages better digestion and treats hyperacidity, stomach and duodenal ulcers
  7. Energy – increases endurance and strength
  8. Liver health – supports healthy liver functions
  9. Reduces blood sugar levels and improves insulin resistance

These are only some of the benefits!

If you have a low skin-carotenoid score, it means that your cells are unhealthy. It is very difficult to kickstart your nutrient absorption process with just general fruits and vegetables along. This is where G3 comes in and can help you!

Do you know what antioxidants are? Antioxidants help combat oxidative stress and allow your body to fight off free-radicals from the environment. Read more about why Antioxidants are important here.

In order to know how well your body is absorbing the anti-oxidants from what you eat everyday, we use a non-invasive antioxidant scanner that is the first of its kind!SS3 scanner This is patented technology that not even doctors have. Doctors have approved of this machine and even borrow it from us sometimes… by us I mean Pharmanex distributors like Lisa Belle and I. Why is it important to know how much nutrients your body is absorbing? Because, even if you are eating really well, and exercising a lot, you may not be absorbing the antioxidants from your food most efficiently. This is was G3 does for you. It cleanses your body from the toxins that are in it, as well as boosts your carotenoids so that your body can successfully absorb the food that you give it. It also does a lot more! Set up an appointment with us today so that we can go over how G3 can benefit you! 🙂

Thanks for reading till the end! This was a lengthy one.


~Stay Beautiful~

Anna Lisa of Peony Boulevard

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