Lip Plumping? Skip the surgery.

Did you know? Our lips get thinner and more wrinkly as we age. 😮
This is why people are so obsessed with lip fillers for lip plumping.
Because lip fillers imitate the collagen our body produces, giving us plump and youthful looking lips.

However, if you’re not too keen on going to a plastic surgeon to be injected with lip fillers, I feel you, I understand, I’d rather not poke holes in myself either if I can help it. 😚

So, because I really wanted to have fuller looking lips, I used the Contouring Lip Gloss in the colour ‘Crystal Clear’ for 14 days. Here are my results:

I can see there’s a clear difference in the texture and it made my lips feel smoother, rounder and fuller. My cupid’s bow is also more defined as well!

Apparently a heavily defined cupid’s bow is one of the most requested lip shapes when people go for lip fillers. I’m amazed at how effective it was, not to mention this was really easy to get, just by applying it day and night I was able to get fuller and more defined lips.

There are 3 different colours to choose from:
Crystal Clear is completely translucent. Whilst Sweet Pink & Tender Beige both have a little bit of shimmery material in them.

I chose the Crystal Clear because I wore lip tints under mine most days or my tinted lip plumping balm for my favourite lip colours.

Whilst lip fillers can give us a youthful look, they are simply imitating the collagen we have lost with age. Nothing beats having your body produce its own collagen. Why collagen? Because as we age, unfortunately, we lose collagen in our body giving us a more aged appearance ☹ this definitely includes our lips. Which means we need more collagen to give our lips back its youthful appearance.

Thus, if you’ve been looking for a more natural way to give your lips a boost the Contouring Lip Gloss is a safe and effective way to do it.
It features “oligopeptide ingredient technology” that defines and contours the lips by stimulating it to produce it’s own collagen. Also, if you are one who doesn’t like the tingling feelings lip plumpers tend to have, this one doesn’t have any tingling at all!

It slowly but dramatically changes the looks of your lips.
According to clinical studies, after 28 days of regular use, the special blend of ingredients in the Contouring Lip Gloss helped to improve and increase lip definition by 40%.

I recommend using it with a lip balm to provide moisture to your lips before applying this Lip Gloss. Moisturizing your lips before the Lip Gloss will help prevent your lips from absorbing moisture from the Lip Gloss allowing the glossy look to stay longer and provides for easier application!

~ Stay beautiful and confident
– ♥ Lisa Belle of Peony Boulevard

Want one? Get yours here!

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