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A less stressful and more healthful life.

I am a person to rarely ever gets sick… however, if I get a cold, and suddenly don’t have the ability to breathe through my nose, I regret not appreciating my ability to breathe through my nose when I could. Even though I know that this cold is probably going to go away in a couple of days, I still look back think about the happier times where I didn’t even think of how wonderful breathing through your nose is. It’s funny you don’t think of what you have until it’s gone…

But, what can we do to make sure that we never get sick, and that we have a strong immune system to fight off bacteria before it is successful?

We have to have a balanced diet, adequate physical activity, and sleep well. Even so, there are some of us who follow these guidelines and we still fall sick.. Why is that? Even though we can follow the above guidelines, we are still exposed to the outside world where germs and bacteria are just waiting to cling on to our persons and infect us. What can we do to strengthen our immune system so that it is ready to fight off any bacteria or mutated cells that are introduced to our body? I would suggest supplements.

Our immune system is really important and we should do everything in our power to make sure that we give it the right supplements to help it fight off all the bad cells and bacteria that are in our body. At least that is what I believe we should do.

Have you ever heard of lingzhi? It is a herb also known as the reshi mushroom. It originated from Chinese medincine and it has been identified to be extremely beneficial for your overall health of your body because it prevents the growth of cancer cells and builds up your body’s immune system.

How do we strengthen our immune system past the healthy eating, regular exercise and proper sleep? Well, let me tell you about a supplement that my family and I personally love.

It’s called : ReishiMax GLp®


It improves your immune defense system and promotes the proliferation of your body’s defensive immune cells. By taking this, it equips your body with an immune defence that would make you less vulnerable to falling sick when you are exposed to external or internal stressors on your body. That being said, you might still fall sick while taking this. But your body would have the ammunition to fight off that pesky cold or cough quicker than before.

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Why this supplement over all the rest? There are so many other supplements that contain lingzhe and advocate that their products are the best (of course they are going to say that…) But I am going to show you why this product is better than the rest.

Can you see the difference between other brands and this one? You can see that the particles in ReshiMax GLp® dissolves into the water and becomes one with it. In comparison to the other brand (a friend’s lingzhe product) where the particles don’t dissolve into the water and settle to the bottom instead. This means that the other brand’s lingzhe is not being absorbed as well as it should be by the body. Because our bodies are 70% water, I think we would want to get a product that can be absorbed better and more efficiently than other brands.
If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to give you more information about this!

Stay Beautiful~

~ Anna Lisa

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